Koal met Falcxne while they were both doing work for a label in Montreal, 2015. Charismatic, Undeniably Funky, and a truly Virtuaistic musician. Guitar, Piano, Vocals, he's a production powerhouse! The Kount and Falcxne have released many tracks and their funk album, Reflex.


Koal started working with Flamingosis in 2015, and they instantly bonded over their mutual love for sampling 70's funk records. He's efficient, knowledgeable, and an easy going partner. They have released countless tracks including a full album together, Maniacs!

Funkin' UpFalcxne x The Kount
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Raise It Up!Flamingosis x The Kount
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The Kount and A l l i e met through a mutual friend and producer, 2nd Son, in 2014. She is spiritual, patient, and has a timeless voice. They have worked on multiple albums together including, Nigthshade and Euphoria.

OoweeA l l i e, The Kount
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Koal met Naji while working in New York City, 2015. He is a prolific, kind, and energetic singer and producer. The Kount has since produced with and for Naji on multiple projects. He looks forward to more work with Naji in the near future.

Blood, Sex & MagicNaji
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The Kount first worked with Memorecks in 2016 on their single, ADHD. He is technical, hilarious, and a forward thinking producer. Koal and James work very well together and have since only released 1 more song, but have a few more unreleased projects in the oven.

KoalectionKount ft. Memorecks
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The Kount first met Innanet James in 2015 while working in New York. He's relaxed, confident, and stylish rapper who meshed well with Koal's methods of work. Koal has produced a few tracks for Innanet James including their hit Summer. They look forward to working together again soon.

Summer Prod. The KountInannet James
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Koal met Moya during highschool through mutual friends in 2013. Moya is an extremely talented visual artist that has worked on all of The Kount's albums since his single Silk Road. He is futuristic, dedicated, and joyful. Go check out his works on instagram @gangbox.


The Kount produced a track for Soulja Boy last year with L.A producer Dilip. He sent the beat to Dilip and Dilip added his flair. Dilip then communicated with Soulja's team to get the track in his hands, the rest is history.

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unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg
Gas On My Chain (Prod. DiliSoulja Boy
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Koal and Daniel met in highschool in 2010 and have been working on various music projects ever since. He is determined, humorous, and passionate about his work. There's no doubt that he and Koal will remain friends and partners for decades to come.

Bet (Prod. The Kount and Noam)A l l i e
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Harrison and Koal have been working together since the beginning of Koal's career as a producer. He is hip, youthful, and funkayyy. They have done some of Koals most succesful soundcloud songs together and have had the plessure of watching each other grow as musicians and producers. 

Falling In Love EditHarrison X The Kount
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The Kount and j.robb met in New York City in 2015. He's a modern, versatile, and hard working producer. Koal was super excited to be able to work with him and hopes to do more in the future.

Give It Upj.robb + The Kount
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The Kount collaborated with Ethereal, Porya, and Don Kevo to produce a beat for Sanghera, Lil Yachty, and Lc Levi. He recieved a near finished beat and put his Kount magic on it to get it to compeltion.

Fuck with me (Feat. Lil Yachty)SANGHERA
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The Kount first collaborated with Otxhello in 2016 on their track Suspension of Disbelief. Otxhello is a hardworking and musically gifted producer. Be sure to check out his music!


Koal met L.A. producer Dilip via the internet in 2018 and since then they have been exchanging tracks to collaborate on. He's easy to work with and very technically skilled. His wide range of talents never seems to end and they always create something cool by the end of the session.

Suspension of DisbeliefOtxhello + The Kount
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RumblerKount ft. Dilip
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Emmett Verhoog and Koal met through Koal's brother, Jack. Emmett was a young vocalist and Koal and upcoming producer, and together they made their album Childhood. Since then they have both been working diligently on their crafts and will likely collaborate on another track soon.


Koal met moods through some mutual friends working with Chillhop records. He's a warm, classic, dutch producer. He helped Koal on a few tracks on his album Function which was produced with Chillhop records.

Glide ft. JimmyfromeastyorkThe Kount x Verhoog
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Yay ft. MoodsThe Kount
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Koal worked with his fellow producer and piano mastermind Wes Allen to create a track for rap artist Russ. They releases the track along with a music video which can be seen here. Koal will continue sending Russ music to work with on future collaborations.

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Aaron Paris is the Kount's go to string master. The range of sounds he can pull out of a violin never seems to stop. He brightens up every track he contributes to. Have a listen to Koal and Aaron's track Yo below and make sure to listen for those strings!

YoThe Kount
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The Kount and Kaelin clicked the instant they met and since then have released countless beat videos together. He has an excellent selection of sound packs and a few singles with The Kount in the works. Keep your ears open for more tracks in the coming years.

The Kount - Ride Out ft. Kaelin Ellis & The Kount
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Wes Allen and Kount have been working together on tracks since 2019. They collaberate often on The Kounts instagram and Youtube Videos. Wes Allen always brings beautiful chords and magical vocals to every track he touches.

HomeThe Kount ft. Wes Allen
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